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The 98%

Jul 22, 2019

This is a call to arms! Alexa and Katie fervently believe more needs to be done with the regulation of casting calls on websites that are mainly used by self submitting actors. Actors desperate for work + loosely regulated casting calls = a breeding ground for exploitative behaviour, sexist language and at the least an extremely tiresome submitting experience for actors and the worst...potentially dangerous situations. 

Please use the hashtag #RegulateAndState on social media to call out inappropriate and questionable casting calls and push for casting websites to REGULATE the castings that are posted and STATE to offenders why their posts are inappropriate/not acceptable and that if they offend again they will not be allowed to post on the site. 

It is not an actors job to report casting calls and push for them to be reviewed when they shouldn't have been posted in the first place. Actors pay subscriptions to submit themselves to jobs, not vet the postings.


*TW* - Please note that from 39 mins in to 44 mins there is mention of a script with the content of a woman being raped and having a self inflicted abortion. That is all that is stated but we wanted to flag it here so it doesn’t come as a shock.