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The 98%

Apr 15, 2019

Introducing...The Green Room! Episodes of Series 2 of The 98% where Alexa and Katie chat to members of The 98% about their real life #actorslife journey and something that is unique to them. The first green room guest is Elliot James Langridge who talks about how he got started in the industry, why his story could have been very different and how he hasn't let dyslexia hold him back.

Follow Elliot on twitter and instagram: @elliotjames87 

The 98% Podcast isn't here to list off guests CV's or talk specifically about certain projects - as you know by now Alexa and Katie are more interested to hear about experiences and thoughts around being an actor. It doesn't matter what you've worked on, we all have stories worth sharing! If you'd like to know more about the green room guests and see the work they've can google them! :D