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The 98%

Jun 10, 2019

This weeks guest, Tom Ramsay, and Alexa and Katie have a new word; 'Sexualinity'. Sexuality and Masculinity. Two things that shouldn't have an affect on someone's journey as a performer but this industry has other ideas. In this important episode Tom inspiringly opens up about how his struggles with his sexuality didn't just end after coming out to friends and family and how the old fashioned expectations of masculinity can lead to a decline in mental health and a feeling of misplacement in an industry held up in large part by the people it doesn't let fit in. After saying goodbye to pursuing performing work Tom has been pursuing directing and other creative avenues. Since recording this episode has accepted a job as Literary Manager for Aria/From Page To Stage! If you have a new musical you'd like to submit for consideration go to!

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Please share this episode far and wide so more people can hear Tom's important message and remember, as Tom says, "You’re doing good boo."