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The 98%

Sep 21, 2020

Lauren Douglin and Simon Lennon join Katie and Alexa in this episode to talk about their experiences of and journeys into being an actor without going to drama school. While there have been 98% podcast guests who did not go through "conservatoire" training, this has never been a specific subject. So grab your headphones and a notebook and get ready to learn from these 2 infectiously positive and hard working people about how you, too, can find your way and hold your place as an actor without graduating from drama school! 

Things mentioned in the episode that you might want to check out!
-National Youth Theatre
-Monologue Slams / Cabarets / Stand Up / Scratch Nights
-Siberian Lights
-Act Up North
-Youtube Accent Tags
-The Actors Centre
-Ideas Accents

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