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The 98%

May 27, 2019

"It’s like shooting a lame dog. Just put me out of my misery."

There's not much more to say here that isn't in the episode apart from that Alexa and Katie want to say on behalf of them, and all actors, that they so so appreciate the casting directors who do give a yes or no after auditions. Those who have been doing it all along, those who have started since the hashtag took twitter by storm and those doing all they can to facilitate giving one when they can. 

But it is not yet universally acknowledged that giving a yes or no should be part and parcel of the audition process, each and every time. Hopefully the industry is moving towards that whilst understanding actors are people first, actors second. In this episode Alexa and Katie discuss why this is so important and how the performing industry can benefit as a whole when this common courtesy is extended to all its members.

A Call Back episode about the logistical goings on with the #YesOrNo movement and what changes have recently been made will be coming soon so keep your ears peeled!

Do you have a story on this topic? A good or bad way you've heard a yes or no? Would you like to share your thoughts on what we discussed in the episode? Please get in touch! or tweet @the98percentpod

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